Proton Perdana Outer Door Handle

SKU: 19732(FR)-05

* 100% High quality imported outer door handle for the Proton Perdana. Comes with 14 day return policy if faulty and free delivery anywhere in Malaysia.

*Design ensures to meet original equipment specifications with drop-in fit

*Guarantee the best quality and user satisfaction with endurance pull validation tests

*Materials such as bolt and pin applied to components to ensure that it stays in shape
and longer life span

Please state which part you want before place order
19732(FR)-05 PERDANA (Front Right)
19732(FL)-05 PERDANA (Front Left)
19732(RR)-05 PERDANA (Rear Right)
19732(RL)-05 PERDANA (Rear Left)

*Images are for illustrative purposes only

Price: RM45.00
Proton Perdana Outer Door Handle
Proton Perdana Outer Door Handle
Proton Perdana Outer Door Handle

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