Perodua Kembara Absorber Set


Package consist of 4 Pices of Shock Absorber (Front & Rear)
Characteristic curves specifically for the intended use
Extensive road testing for optimum road-holding
Optimised working piston with V-shaped Tefl on seals
Pressure resistant monoblock guide and seal packag
Extremely low-friction and pressure resistant system
High temperature-resistance and constant damping forces
Hardened, chrome-plated piston rods
High-quality components, modern production processes and optimum quality control guarantee reliability and durability
Shock absorbers with shortened stoke, in some cases with spring plates height-adjustable by means of slots
A stabilising factor ¡V ensures safety during cornering.
Ensure a smooth, comfortable ride.
Ensure brake efficiency.
Enhance steering capability.
Prevent damage to other car components.
Part of the suspension system
Made in Germany
Weight: 20Kg

Price: RM990.00
Perodua Kembara Absorber Set

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