Nissan 370z Oil Filter

SKU: N370ZOF0101

K&NPS-1008 Pro Series Oil Filter - Canister
K&N Pro Series oil filters feature several quality features including anti-drainback valves, PSI relief valves and rolled threads to prevent stripping. The heavy-duty fluted black canisters are emblazoned with both K&N and NASCAR’s logos. Started in 1969, K&N has garnered a reputation for engineering the world’s finest filtration products for cars, trucks, SUVs, motorcycles, race vehicles, commercial vehicles and anything in-between.
Custom fit to your vehicle’s specifications
Heavy-duty construction is extremely durable
Features anti-drainback valve to prevent oil from going back into crankcase at shut-down
Canister is brightly designed with both NASCAR and K&N logos on black
Also features PSI relief valve
All you need is a standard oil filter wrench for installing/removing
Designed to allow maximum filtration and flow rate
Features rolled threads so you don’t strip out when installing
Extra thick sidewalls support higher bursts

Nissan 370z Oil Filter
Price: RM100.00
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