Nissan 350z Absorber Set (Front)

SKU: N350ZASF0101

Tokico HP blue shocks for 03-08 Nissan 350z Z33 (Front Pair) Made in Japan

  • Improved traction, stability steering response, cornering ability and braking ability
  • Superiors ride quality, shock and strut longevity and reliability
  • Reduced body roll in corners, dive under braking, squat under acceleration, pitch during straight-ahead driving and suspension bottoming
  • Precision construction - Pressure Tube is mandrel-drawn twice to ensure precise dimensional tolerances and concentricity, for excellent sealing and minimal dynamic friction (drag)
  • Reduced friction - Teflon coated piston rod guide minimizes dynamic friction and extends piston-rod life
  • Piston Quality - Piston Rod is hardened, chrome-plated and micro-polished, for smooth operation and contributing to long seal life
Nissan 350z Absorber Set (Front)
Price: RM1,800.00
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