Naza Sutera Air Con Compressor

SKU: WXH-086-C5

Number of Grooves : 5PK
Compressor Type : TR
Refrigerant : R-134a

Belt Type: 6 Groove
Coil: [48257]
Coil: Clock 2
Gauge Line A: 1.60"
Manifold: Sealing Washer w/ 5/8" x 5/8" Ports
Mount Tangent, 3 Bosses
Pulley Dia.: 4.25"
Switch: No Switch Ports
Suitable for: New GM V5 Compressor w/ Clutch

This part is th compressor to power the air conditioning in your Naza Sutera.

Price: RM1,242.65
Naza Sutera Air Con Compressor
Naza Sutera Air Con Compressor

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