MITSUBISHI COLT 1.8 GTI (C58 01/90TO12/92) - Radiator Cap


PRODUCT MODEL: COLT C58 -4G67 1.8 GTI 01/90-12/1992

Description: Standard replacement radiator cap.

Size: Cap is not branded Camskill - Brand may vary

Manufacturers Part Numbers for REF ONLY: 16401-15210 16401-50071 16401-63010 16401-64500 16401-71010 16401-76021 16401-87511 16401-87602 16401-87710 16401-87711 16401-87712 17920-60B20 17920-78120 17920-82020 19045-PM3-003 21430-01F02 21430-50A02 25330-33001 25330-33101 25330-36000 45113-GA020 45113-GA021 74511-3050 74515-3011 8-97129-572-0 AS01-15-205 D316-15-205 MB222066 MB356417 MB660171 MB660701 MB660735 MB845036 MB890520 MB957124 N350-15-205 OK202-15-205 21430-01F01

Price: RM27.00

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