Honda City Wheel Bearing (Front)


This is a(n) FRONT WHEEL BEARING (38X74X40) for a(n) HONDA CITY 2003-2008. This is a Febest part that weighs 0.32 and is 2.91 inches long, 2.91 inches wide, 1.57 inches high. This part is compatible with OEM number 44300-TF0-951. The Febest brand part number is DAC38740040M.

QUALITY IS EVERYTHING: The synthetic lubricant we use is 10x as expensive as our competitors, and lasts 3x as long.
ONLY THE BEST STEEL: We only use the best high-carbon steel. All Febest parts that contain metal use an expensive heat treatment process that improves metal strength, also our parts use a higher level of polish to allow the bearing to roll smoother and last longer.
ONLY THE BEST RUBBER: Each Individual component of this part is made with high quality materials. Unlike our competitors we use only high quality Natural Rubber (75%) and (25%) synthetic Rubber. This means that it is more durable, and will last longer. The Rubber wont rub off on hand like the cheap replacement parts offered by competitors.
GERMAN QUALITY CONTROL: Our German quality control experts ensure that all parts are of the utmost quality. We have specially developed metals and rubbers that create a super durable, and long lasting end product.
1 YEAR WARRANTY: all of our parts come with a 1 year limited warranty

Honda City Wheel Bearing (Front)
Price: RM359.00

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