Kia Rio

Kia Rio
Kia Rio Absorber SetKAS0101Kia Rio Absorber SetRM590.00
Kia Rio AlternatorKRA0101Kia Rio AlternatorRM458.00
Kia Rio Brake Disc(Front)KRBDF0101Kia Rio Brake Disc(Front)RM490.00
Kia Rio Brake Pad(Front)KRBPF0101Kia Rio Brake Pad(Front)RM288.00
Kia Rio Brake Pad(Rear)KRBPR0101Kia Rio Brake Pad(Rear)RM249.00
Kia Rio Fuel FilterKRFF0101Kia Rio Fuel FilterRM100.00
Kia Rio Fuel PumpKRFP0101Kia Rio Fuel PumpRM366.00
Kia Rio Master CylinderKRMC0101Kia Rio Master CylinderRM627.00
Kia Rio Oil FilterKROF0101Kia Rio Oil FilterRM75.00
Kia Rio Oxygen SensorKROS0101Kia Rio Oxygen SensorRM191.00
Kia Rio RadiatorKRR0101Kia Rio RadiatorRM408.00
Kia Rio Spark PlugKRSP0101Kia Rio Spark PlugRM46.00
Kia Rio Timing BeltKRTB0101Kia Rio Timing BeltRM150.00
Kia Rio Water PumpKRWP0101Kia Rio Water PumpRM202.00
Kia Rio Wheel Bearing (Rear)KRWBR0101Kia Rio Wheel Bearing (Rear)RM36.00
Kia Rio Wheel Bearing(Front)KRWBF0101Kia Rio Wheel Bearing(Front)RM110.00

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