Ikut Kiri Blue Racing Shoes


Great driving shoes for track days and daily use

Made from genuine Suede (leather), these racing shoes are very comfortable and supportive. You get more quality feedback from the car's peddles and you can enjoy faster gear shifting and heal-and-toe like a pro driver.

Racing Shoes Features

They don't just look good! These racing boots are:

  • Anti-UV
  • Breathable
  • Flame-Retardant
  • Quick Drying & Waterproofed

Why else would you choose Ikut Kiri's Racing Shoes?

  • Excellent value - promo price!
  • High quality & strong water repellent leather
  • Features 360 degree flex technology for optimal freedom of movement
  • Uses DMV (dual-zone mesh ventilation) technology which is breathable
  • Features light & thin elastic sole for a great driving experience
  • Has amazing grip with rubber soles for top pedal performance on the racetrack
  • Lacing and Velcro closure for optimal grip and safety
  • Anatomical construction ensures a good fit
  • Pleasant interior padding for high wearing comfort
  • Secure hold with laces and velcro
  • Clean workmanship, high quality
  • Sporty design

Available Shoe Sizes

Please specify your size when ordering.

7 41 7.5
8 42 8.5
9 43 9
10 44 11
11 45 12
12 46 13
Ikut Kiri Blue Racing Shoes
Ikut Kiri Blue Racing Shoes
Ikut Kiri Blue Racing Shoes
Price: RM240.00

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