Hyundai Sonata NF Front Absorbers 1 pair

SKU: KC-54611-38601

-100% Brand New and Genuine KIC absorbers
-Imported from korea
-Gas type Absorbers
-Price for 1 pair
-Fits Front Left and Front Right
-Fits Sonata NF 2005-2009 6 taxi
-Images for illustrative purposes only

KIC is leading manufacturer of shock absorber for passenger & commercial car in Korea. And KIC is the tunning car suspension specialist and manufacturer. KIC can provide any kinds of suspension shock absorber and tunning car chassy system.

Automobile shock absorber (suspension S/ABS)
KIC produces over 200 types of after-market shock absorbers and each product has passed various tests in our own facilities to consolidate quality. Try our KIC absorbers and you will readily appreciate its quality which is acknowledged globally.

- Controls automobile movements and link suspensions
- Absorbs automobile shocks and vibration energy
- Ensures excellent ride, rotation, controllability and roll safety
- Controls slow-speed damping force for improved low-speed R&H.
- ISO/TS16949

*Comes with 14 day return policy if faulty

Hyundai Sonata 5 KIC Front Absorbers 1 pair
Price: RM850.00

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