Hyundai Santa Fe '01- '06 Sangsin Front Brakepads Set


Hyundai Front Brake Pads Kit
Front Disc Brakes "Hi Q" Set
of 4 pads

-Hi-Q Brake Pads
-Sangsin brake pads (Hi-Q) is one of Korea’s Largest Brake’s leading brands, renowned globally for their superior
-Quality with their ceramic brake’s technology. Manufactured and Imported from South Korea.
-Ceramic material
-Non-Asbestos Disk Brake Pad
-Clean wheel control
-Anti-noise - Silent braking
-Noise control through the use of top of the range shims
-Reduced disc rotor’s wear and damage
-NO Wheel Contamination: Only slightest trace of dust on wheels
-Longer brake pad and rotor’s life
-100% made in Korea

Hyundai Santa Fe '01- '06 Sangsin Front Brakepads Set
Price: RM140.00

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