Gear Sport Lowered Spring for Perodua Alza


100% Brand New and High Quality
WEIGHT: 5 kg
WARRANTY: One year
Comes in a SET 2 Front 2 Rear

Gear AK Sport Lowered Spring for for Perodua Alza

The Gear AK Sport Spring Offers a Large Drop,

while Retaining Superb Ride Quality Characteristics

The Spring Rate is Raised 10-15% to Compensate

for The Shortened Amount of Suspension Travel

Without Over-Stiffening The Spring Rate and Affecting

Ride Quality and Shock Lifespan.

Quick Point

-Lowering=EXCELLENT(Drop of Up to 2.5″are Available)

-Comfort/ Very Good

-Performance/ Good(Lower Center of Gravity)

Gear Sport Lowered Spring for Perodua Alza
Price: RM300.00

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