VolkswagenIkut Kiri is expanding it's spare parts lists for all the Volkswagen models in Malaysia. Choose Ikut Kiri for a great price on spare parts for your VW and you get free delivery in Malaysia, The Volkswagen brand is no stranger to Malaysians. Generations of Malaysians have grown up with their own or someone elses Volkswagen Beetle occupying a place of affection in their hearts and life stories. Till today, this hallmark of the Volkswagen brand's lasting quality and distinct character continues to enjoy a faithful following even as newer models from Volkswagen have started to spark off their own groups of fans in the country. Volkswagen Group Malaysia was officially launched in Malaysia on 16 February 2006.
VW Beetle
VW Eos
VW Golf
VW Jetta
VW Polo
VW Scirocco
VW Sharan
VW Tiguan
VW Touareg

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