Proton Spare Parts

ProtonChoose your Proton model on this page and then browse the spare parts available. We sell both original Proton parts and OEM versions if available. If you can't find the parts you are looking for then contact us for a free quote.
Proton Arena
Proton Exora
Proton Gen2
Proton Inspira
Proton Iriz
Proton Iswara
Proton Juara
Proton Perdana
Proton Persona
Proton Preve
Proton Putra
Proton Saga
Proton Saga BLM
Proton Saga FL / FLX
Proton Satria
Proton Satria Neo
Proton Savvy
Proton Suprima
Proton Tiara
Proton Waja
Proton Wira
Proton X70
Protonn Waja Campro

Proton Spare Parts

proton spare parts

Ikut Kiri sell a huge range of Proton spare parts. We have original Proton and OEM / aftermarket Proton parts. Often the OEM are cheaper and still excellent quality compared to the branded Proton parts.

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