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Lazada Mudah Ikut Kiri
Who adds the products? It's S***You It's S*** You Ikut Kiri Win!Ikut Kiri do it all for you.
How long does it take to add products? It's S***A few hours for each product. It's S***Seems like it takes forever Ikut Kiri Win!Takes you no time at all, Ikut Kiri do most of the work for you.
Who sends out the products? It's S***You need to do it yourself! It's S***Sorry, you have to do it alone/ Ikut Kiri Win!Ikut Kiri delivers the products for you.
How much does it cost? It's S***A slice of the profits. It's S***You need to keep buying expensive "Mudah Credits". Ikut Kiri Win!Free! Unlimited products - all free.
Who has the easier setup? It's S***Tedious. I hope you are good with paperwork and patient with lots of process. It's S***Frustrating. Slow. It's seems easy, until you need to keep re-posting over and over again because some kid at Mudah is moaning about your posting. Ikut Kiri Win!It could not be more simple.
How about customer service? It's S***Often slow and painful, Lazada tries to do this for you but they don't understand your products. It's S***It's all you! When you sell on Mudah you need to entertain all the inquires, pre-sales and after sales. Ikut Kiri Win!Ikut Kiri answers all customer questions, sells and up-sells your products and provides after sales customer service. It's all free of charge.
How will I get paid? It's S***Lazada processes all the payments for you and include the service as part of their fees. It's S***Mudah does no work - you need to collect all the payments from your customers and manage the process yourself. Ikut Kiri Win!Ikut Kiri collects and verifies all payments so you don't need to. Each month, Ikut Kiri will make a single simple payment to you depending on your product sales.

Ikut Kiri is the best place to list your car parts and accessories for free. We only sell new car parts and accessories and do not allow recon or second second hand car parts and accessories. If you are a supplier of new parts / accessories and you are based in Malaysia then please use this form to register an account with us. Once approved, you can add unlimited car parts and accessories products to the Ikut Kiri online shop.

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