Ikut Kiri Affiliate Guide

Step 1: Register As An Affiliate

Ikut Kiri! Car Parts affiliate registration

Register here. Simple... provide your chosen username, password, email address, contact number. You can add your bank details now (for receiving payments) or you can add them later.

Step 2: Check Your Email To Confirm Your Account

We will email you to complete your registration. You need to verify your email address by clicking on a link in the email. If you can't see the email after 5 minutes of registering then check inside your spam folder too.

Step 3: Login To Your Account

If you are not logged into your affiliate account, you can now login using your new username and password here: Login to Ikut Kiri

Step 4: Update Your Info

If you did not enter your account details to get your payments. Enter them now. Also make sure your contact info is all correct.

Step 5: Get Your Affiliate Link

This is the most important part! When you promote Ikut Kiri you must use your own special link. This link connects to your affiliate account. Every time someone follows your link and buys something - you will get your commission! Save the link somewhere important, or memorize it.

Step 6: Start Making Money!

First you can give your link to friends and relatives and tell them about Ikut Kiri. Next you can really start promoting! Add the link to your blog or website, post it in forums and on social media such as Facebook, Youtube and Instagram (and many more!).

You can also do offline sales too. All you need to do is collect orders and place them for your customers using your own affiliate link. Log our from Ikut Kiri, then follow your affiliate link then fill up the order details for your customer.

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